Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hey there

So, having a baby kinda took the wind out of my bloggy crafty sails. Five and a bit months in now and the time has flown. Three bubbas into this Mumma gig and I'm finally feeling like I get it. I'm actually a parent now. A grown up. Yes, I'm a little slow on the uptake - it has taken me three babies to realise this.

I have been taking in and savouring the newness of this bubba and not wanting to let any moments pass me by. I am enjoying having a tiny being in our house. And adoring watching two bigger but still so small beings interact with their baby. And watching the biggest being with all our babies.

Not a great deal of crafting has happened so I have found myself on twitter and instagram (@relishaustralia) and reading (if not writing) blogs.

It's been five months of:
** beautiful gifts from kind, thoughtful, generous people who deserve a whole post of their own (one day soon, I promise).
** illness, hospital visits and health matters
** summer holidays, beach play and Christmas
** first days of school and first lost teeth
** nursing, nurturing and nourishing
** photos taken with a phone as the camera is never handy
** giggles, cuddles and bottom humour (oh yes, these sweet little faces are laughing at their own fart jokes right now)
** birthdays and celebrations
** wishing for more (yet not spending enough) time in this room
** joy, sorrow, laughter, tears, friends, family, fun, love, chaos. Life.

It's been five months of challenging, beautiful life.

See you soon with some stitchy goodness (and by soon I'm hoping you realise I speak Mumma to three small people time)...

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