Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pretty {little} Pouches

This is a swap I am both excited and VERY nervous about...

I love the swap (I have FAR too many items kicking around my handbag that could be better organised) and am really happy with how the project turned out... but... the person I am making this for is one talented chica. I've got some of her work here and I know how lovely it is so... making a gift for her is rather daunting...

My partner mentioned a few fabrics and designers but I've gone Australian with Saffron Craig. I absolutely love Saffron's fabrics - the colours she uses, the quality of the cotton and that fact that she is an Australian designer achieving fabulous results.

I'll have to reveal what's under the linen on the purple side when this is received... Don't want to give away who it is for...  What do you think???

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