Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Doll Quilt Swap 10

I was super thrilled to be able to participate in the Doll Quilt Swap this round. Getting a place in this is a bit like a lottery - you have to enter and then have your name drawn... I can't believe this was my first time entering, and I was in - call it beginner's luck :)

This is the front of the quilt I made for my partner. Her flickr favourites included some bright happy quilts and all were in more traditional layouts - using blocks rather than applique so I went for a free-hand cut log cabin (I couldn't be too precise and traditional, I just couldn't).

She also mentioned that red was her favourite colour. So I made it double sided - a red quilt on the reverse:
I can't wait 'til Mr Postie brings me a little delight... Will share with you when he does...

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Jana said...

This is wonderful. I love all those cheery colors. And the red on the reverse is such a pleasant surprise. Your partner is a very lucky person.