Sunday, June 5, 2011

New artworks

I love the creativity of my children. The reckless abandon with which they just get into something. There's no big sit down sketching a plan, thinking about colours for hours, they just get into it and make it up as they go along. How I envy their ability to produce something so beautiful in a matter of minutes and their confidence that whatever they do, it will be perfect just as it is.

Today, we participated in a workshop for preschoolers held at our local museum and art gallery. The smalls examined objects from the past 100 years and then dreamed up unusual places to find those objects. Above is the result of active imaginations, painted in watercolours on canvas. Of course, we had to come home and hang them in the girls very own gallery - I think their bedroom wall is the perfect backdrop!

Left: An 80's white high-heel and an old wooden peg on a "flaming Jupiter wtih all it's colourful gas rings". (Mollie, 4)

Right: "A cricket ball in a storming jungle". (Lulu, 3)

The lesson: stop thinking and start doing!

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