Monday, June 20, 2011

Finish it up!

Well I'm three months today from my due date! The bubba is coming fast and I just know that means not much time for stitching for a while after that. In the spirit of nesting, I decided I needed to finish up a whole load of WIP's sitting on the shelf in the sewing room. And of course, I started my allocated sewing time with procrastination on flickr and browsing around blogland. In my travels, I came across this:
I'm sure there have been entire psychological studies written about people like me who even when setting their own goals, somehow then procrastinate until the last minute to meet a deadline! Well, now I have one. Meg (of Fashioned by Meg) fame is holding a "finish-it-up-a-long". And I've joined her group. Basically, I need to write a list of all my projects and each Friday, I check in with the other members of the group with what I've achieved that week.

The projects are to be those that have already been worked on - patterns and fabric don't count if they've not been cut into. So, taking out those, here is my (rather scary) list:

** Officer Plod's birthday quilt (for the significant birthday he had in February 2010! oops) - only one border to put on then off to the longarm quilter
** Australasian Bee - bee blocks
** 1st Wednesday Block Swap - bee blocks
** 3x6 Bee - bee blocks for 2nd and 3rd quarters
** Binding on quilt for small (given to her unbound for Christmas)
** Civil War repro quilt for my gran (nine-patch) - blocks are made, need to piece together and get to the longarm quilter

** Celebration of significant life event quilt for my Mum (large strip hexies) - cut out, need to piece and then off to quilter
** Red 1930's quilt (for me!!!) - quilt myself then bind
** Birds quilt - piece my blocks received in the 1st Wednesday Block Swap
** Buildings quilt - piece my blocks received in the Australasian Bee
** Bathmat - cut out, needs to be pieced and quilted
** Pillows for two friends birthdays (can't say who, they may be looking)
** Heather Ross Munki Munki log cabin - finish blocks, piece, to quilter

** Scrappy string quilt - finish blocks, piece, to quilter
** Lyrebird embroidery (design by Kate Ward)
** Vintage sheet star quilt (for my bed!!) - piece blocks, to quilter
** Baby quilt - to quilter and bind and then actually give to baby - this month

I'm stopping there - that's EIGHTEEN items. There are more on the shelf but they'll have to wait. Not all of them are going to be completely finished but I would like to make a significant dent in the pile!

Any words of encouragement??? I'll need plenty along the way



ange_moore said...

Seems I'm 2 days behind you and I don't think I can bring myself to make a list like that!

Over the weekend I headed into the sewing room for the first time in ages and actually sat down and finished a few things that I found whilst tidying - rather than putting them in a to-do pile that gets buried and never dealt with! Very satisfying.

Meg said...

You can do it! Organize and prioritize!

molly::applecyer said...

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! GO GO GO! SEW SEW SEW! (And have a blast while you are at it. Finishing feels so good!) Molly