Thursday, December 9, 2010

any day that begins like today...

has got to be a good day!

It all started with these arriving on my doorstep - grown, picked, composed and delivered by the very talented Nan of rummage fame. If you have not yet had the pleasure to meet Nanette, do pop over and say hi - she's one creative chica.

Then I took a little look at some of my fave blogs and stumbled across these. So the smalls and I baked this recipe which turned out perfectly (ah hem, yes I do say so myself!)


And as we were in the spirit of baking, these happened (country style loaf from the cook's companion by Stephanie Alexander):


And with all the rain in this part of the world right now and the serious absence of summer, what's a girl to do but read the paper with a cup of tea and a delicious piece of cinnamon scroll (I may or may not have encouraged the small people to spend a half hour in front of the tv while this happened). 

Now to frock up and we're off to the end of year school concert in which the biggest small will perform. Fabulous end to a fabulous day with my two lovelies.

1 comment:

1/4 of an inch said...

they look fabulous...

I have made some small changes to the quantities she uses in her recipe...I think they do make a difference, that could just be me though;)

Let me know what you think...I'm sure you'll make them more than once!!!

xx Tam