Friday, December 3, 2010

Pillow Talk 4 - Completed!

 Remember this? Well it's done. And because one wasn't enough, I've made a second pillow to be its friend. Only I can't show it to you in full as it would give away who the recipient will be... So here is is covered by the matching mug rug I'll be sending my partner.

And the backs - I'm pretty sure my partner will just love the echino back of the second one... In fact, I think that will be her favourite part of the whole swap ;)

These are off to the post office - I can't wait to see what is heading my way!!!

1 comment:

emedoodle said...

Oh these are stunning! :) I'm pretty sure I'm not your partner.. at least if that's a monogram there... oh or it could be an "L" for my last name? hehe. I do love the Echino though. It's all very lovely and generous!