Friday, July 29, 2011

Fabulous Friday!!!

Seriously. Fabulous. Day.
It started with an overnight low of minus eight and me being grumpy about getting out of bed - have I ever mentioned how much I despise the cold? Combine that with having been awake for most of the night with a small person in our bed having nightmares, I was feeling fairly pessimistic about what the day would bring. Oh, how wrong I was.
My friend Megan gifted us tickets to the ice skating rink set up in the centre of the city. The girls had never been skating before and I was feeling a little hesitant about having to get on the ice with them in my current "condition" - falling on my rear end with a baby in my belly, well... As it turns out, they didn't need me at all. They had SUCH a blast and I was the proudest Mumma ever! What fun. They started out with these cute little penguins for balance and the lovely lady in the shot there was a staff member who helped enormously by showing them how to move their little skates.

After a while using her penguin, the big one was confident enough to wing it on her own and she just took off. I laughed and laughed and they just kept going round and round, up and down that rink.


After skating we went for a hot chocolate and then arrived home to see this beginning:

I have been waiting FOUR years for this and today it came!!! It has taken me four long years to convince Plod that we need lawn. Today, it came. I am such a happy woman. Fabulous morning with my girls and brilliant afternoon with my lawn. I love today :)

And just because I am so excited to have turf, here is some more of it:

The garden has a looooooooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggggg way to go, but hey, I'm happy!

What did your Friday bring?


Peekaboo Lucy said...

I love the penguins and who ever invented roll on lawn is a genius

megan said...

So great to see the girls on their skates. Wish we could have been there but so, so pleased that it was a great experience for all of you.

benton said...

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