Thursday, July 28, 2011


Please tell me how it is that eight weeks can feel like such an eternity yet so very little time?

I am feeling like I have forever until I can meet this tiny person growing everyday, whose being is very real to me and whose presence is being felt more and more in this house. I want to meet our new baby, I want to know the answer to he or she? And what they look and feel and smell like. I want her or his daddy and sisters to be able to touch and hold and love this little person.

So why when it comes to "getting ready" am I more than a little anxious? Washing a few beautiful hand knits yesterday made me realise the extent of just how unprepared I am for this bubba. There is no bassinet, no nappy change space, no feeding chair. There are boxes of clothes and blankets still packed away which need to be washed but more than anything, this mumma needs to get her head around having three babies!

And eight weeks is too long to wait yet absolutely no where near enough time! Birth for me is a beautiful, wondrous, miracle and meeting my bubba is exciting and there is a whole lot of love in those first few days and weeks, it is a time of joy and discovery.

I am also aware of the reality of the big adjustments one tiny person forces us to make. We have two smalls who will still require all the love and attention they currently receive and yet there will be one more little person in our family for us to care for and live with and give to. We will, all five of us, need to find a new rhythm. And I am spending a whole lot of time wondering about how this will all work... And at the same time, being so super excited, delighted, impatient about getting closer to meeting and welcoming this amazing new life...

I would love to hear your thoughts - comments are great but if you don't want to publicly share, please email me: relish (at) live (dot) com (dot) au - it could be just the wisdom I need to get me there ;)

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Meg said...

Three is busy, for sure! However, there is so much love and energy that they bring to one another. Plus, I found I was just much better at handling the newborn the third time. The first was scary, the second was better, and the third you are a pro. :0)