Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Filling the days

We've been on winter school holidays here so not much time for my crafting. We've been filling the days with:

** Small person crafting (remember that tidy sewing space - the floor is now covered in children's acrylic paint):

** Discovering the magical words and worlds of Enid Blyton:

** And, birthday party planning for a soon to be five year old:
I suddenly realised just how big my big girl is when she asked if she could write her birthday lists. She drew boxes to make separate lists for friends, gifts and party plans. And the cake? A rocket flying to Saturn - of course! And I can always bring it back to fabric - I have some of this fabric stashed away so I've taken inspiration from that to draw a cake pattern... I'd really like to make some bunting but that is as far as I can think - any suggestions for space themed decorations, food and party games???

The girls are back at school (albeit only two days per week) and Plod is back to work so I hope to have some time to get on with finishing a few projects - but today, it's a long anticipated and much needed haircut for me - sheer luxury ;) I am going to take the plunge though and try a new hairdresser... He comes highly recommended but I am biting my nails about the visit... I feel like I'm having an affair when I try a new hairdresser and if this one doesn't work I can't go back to the old one because she'll know I cheated on her... Oh the drama of it - wish me luck (or at the very least sharp scissors!)

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